Our Planet’s Blood

(Credit: Eiko Jones)
Salmon Forests

With their life in motion, salmon are the embodiment of the unknowable immensity of the aquatic beyond reuniting with the sharpness of eagle feathers and grizzly teeth.

They are the manifestation of the hyper-object, a phenomenon so massively beyond normal perception of time and space.

Salmon metabolism at the river mouth (source)
Earthly Cycles
Corridor Impediment (source: Joe Riis)

The innumerable relationships that hold our planet in delicate balance are vanishing — dismembered piece by piece into parcels of scattered organs. Barbed wire fences encircle our intestines, 8-lane highways slice across our throat, and the remnants of dams and weirs choke our lungs. Pipelines leach into procreative ovaries and power cables numb the brain. Tightening ligatures of homogenous hedgerows and monoculture plantations are branded across our skin.

Human-built ligatures (source: Joe Riis)
Impassable (Source)

An act of recognition asks us to care and to acknowledge that something or someone has a right to live as we do, on land that may even have been their home before we arrived.

In some places, symptoms will escalate into visible conflict; in many countries this is already the case. Others will disappear more slowly, insidiously, millions of silent deaths like the disappearing salmon runs. We are the product of billions of years of evolution yet we risk annihilating our one chance of witnessing all that evolution could still yet make. Only now are we able to see the gruesome irony that the ultimate form of control is extinction.

The Elwha river running free, after the world’s largest dam removal project in 2012

Next chapter: The following installment will delve in to the specifics of rewilding and corridor connectivity science, and pioneering projects to follow.



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