Aligning Law and Life: An Inquiry into the Rights of Nature


The Rights of Nature and Earth Jurisprudence

Human Law

The Law of a Truly Ecological Civilization

Since human society and its material foundations emerges from the biosphere, it ought to be co-regenerative with it. For if humans don’t tend to the integrity of the substrate of their own survival, they’re engaging in a suicidal process.

“Thinking like a mountain“— To have an appreciation for the profound interconnectedness of all the elements in Earth’s ecosystems

Instrumental Rights vs. Inherent Rights

If the self is inherently valuable, and if there is a clear continuity between the self and nature, then aspects of nature are arguably of inherent value.

Wild Laws and the Rights of Nature

Case Studies: Rights of Nature in Practice

Who’s Behind This All?

The Dream: A System of Global Guardianships

A Universal Declaration for the Rights of Nature

Creating the Conditions for the Rights of Nature

As such, the Earth Jurisprudence movement is nested within and supported by a much broader change in perspective that accepts that humanity is not at the centre of everything.

To be continued…

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