Learning Journeys | Ecological Literacy | Author, poet, wilderness guide | Investor | Co-founder Atlas Unbound, Ground Effect (alexafirmenich.com)

A story of ecological connectivity, wildlife flows, and how to create a safe passage for human and non human climate migrants

(Credit: Eiko Jones)

My skull is pounding as I launch headfirst against the cement wall. This obstacle, so near to my final resting place, is a tear in the orbit of my…

When I say ‘nature’ what comes to mind?

I’m asking this question to nearly everyone I meet. Invariably the response is of a single species organism, like a tree, a flower or a bird, or of a particular favorite waterfall or woodland refuge. …

This is my story of becoming an apprentice to a landscape. This year I moved from Mexico City to northern California and have been experimenting with new ways to converse, experience and be experienced by non-human life. …

A Lacandon teenager gazing at the Metzabok lake, which has since gone dry // Alexa Firmenich

“Our oceans are worth at least $24 trillion, according to the new WWF report, Reviving the Ocean Economy”

“The economic benefit of the rainforest, if it’s conserved, is $8.2 billion a year”

Headlines that tout the economic value of nature should be a glaring red flag. This is how far we have gone in needing to protect and regenerate the planet — economic appeals to rational calculation. …

An Ode to the Seasons of our Souls

(Written on the road in New Mexico, October 2018)

The leaves of the cottonwoods are turning. There is a chill in the air; dusk is coming early. The first night stars emerge as we walk the old road home. …

Alexa Firmenich

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